The UFO event haunted a 10-year-old boy in Oklahoma, the mental shock for many years has not subsided (video)

Oklahoma July 2021 a man named Randy Young has come forward to report a UFO encounter that happened almost 50 years earlier in 1975. The Story begins when he was 10 years old at the miracle mountains boarding school in Hartshorne Oklahoma Miracle Mountain was kind of out in the boonies of Oklahoma that day my brother and I were out in the sandbox and we saw this circular Shining Light that was probably 2 000 or so feet up in the air and it didn’t have the movements of an airplane it was just hovering and as it got darker this craft got closer it had lights that went through the midsection all the way around and it had his classic saucer type shape for decades Randy and his brother kept their extraordinary encounter to themselves for fear of how it would be received he didn’t want people thinking that you’re crazy you didn’t want to ruin your reputation but in the back of my mind that story was always there and with all that has been going on with the government the military jets that are you know tracking these things.




There’s been a lot more talk about it recently I’m like okay if they’re talking this big at this level they got to hear this story they need to know about what had happened in hartshorn in 1975 and so I contacted mufon the report reached the desk of Mindy toddfest the Oklahoma state mufon director Randy filed an official report through and I immediately knew after reading it that this case could be a very very important case to all of UFO history I first reached out to Randy and interviewed him the next person I spoke to was Philip Buchanan Philip was one of the older children at this school at the time and so he has one of the more complete memories of what transpired there and the operations of the school itself and then I spoke with the teacher via email and the teacher described that some of the kids were hiding under the beds because they were very terrified and some of the kids were looking out the window they reported to see shape-shifting entities out there they just said it keeps changing what Mindy found out after doing all that work is that these kids were recalling the exact same thing as these Witnesses were telling their stories years later one of the things Mindy asked him to do was to actually draw the UFO that they’d seen and the consistency is amazing and not only are they telling the same story but they’re describing the same craft it shows us that these old historic cases still have something to offer



I think that we need an organization like mufon I think we need to have a database for all these different incidents and I think that we need to have as many eyes and as many investigators on this as possible we need to figure out what’s going on there’s been a lot of excitement around this story because there were a lot of things that corroborated each other we find Value in all UFO reports and some of the older ones served to validate some other sightings that may be in our database and so the older historic cases really have a lot of value whenever it comes to ufology this cold case is one of the most fascinating cases that mufons ever investigated because students they had not spoken to each other since 1975 and they all replied with the same answers which indicates that something happened and everybody saw the same thing in the ancient astronaut opinion those stories of UFOs today are the same stories that our ancestors in the remote past also explored their cell phone cameras were the walls of caves and reliefs and carvings in which they.





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